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Manas Harsh

Security Analyst at Netskope, OWASP Patna Chapter Leader

Breaking the access: Finding hidden BACs in wild

In today's digitally connected world, broken access control remains a pervasive security threat, often overlooked or misunderstood. This talk goes deep into the fascinating world of broken access control, unveiling its intricate web of vulnerabilities. Join me as I explore real-world case studies, dissecting the anatomy of access control bugs, and revealing the consequences they can bring. Whether you're a seasoned security professional, a bug bounty hunter or just beginning your journey into the world of cybersecurity, this talk promises to put light on a critical aspect of this modern security feature that deserves your attention.

Speaker's Bio

As a dedicated Security Analyst, I've made it my mission to safeguard digital landscapes from the ever-evolving threats of the cyberworld. With a passion for uncovering vulnerabilities and a knack for strategic defense, I've established myself as a pivotal player in the realm of cybersecurity. I proudly serve as the leader of the OWASP Patna Chapter, where I foster a community of like-minded security enthusiasts and professionals. Through engaging meetups, workshops, and conferences, we collectively work towards raising the bar for web application security, sharing knowledge, and collaborating on innovative solutions. My journey as a Bug Bounty Hunter on Synack has taken me to the front lines of cybersecurity. I thrive on the thrill of uncovering hidden vulnerabilities, leveraging my expertise to protect organizations and their users from potential breaches. My commitment to ethical hacking and responsible disclosure is unwavering, reflecting my dedication to making the digital world a safer place. When I'm not diving into the depths of cybersecurity, you'll find me exploring the latest technologies, sharing insights on security blogs, and advocating for a safer online ecosystem. Together, we can make cyberspace a place where trust, privacy, and innovation thrive.


International Centre Goa

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