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Miroslav Stampar

SQlmAp tool workshop

At this training, users will have access to different SQLi vulnerability cases, where they will be able to test and learn wide spectrum of sqlmap capabilities, while fine tuning program's options and switches.

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Information security expert, PhD in computer science, author of world-renowned free and open source applications (sqlmap, Maltrail, etc.) Born in 1982, lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia, as a Senior Reverse Engineer. Previously worked as a software engineer for different companies and IT incident responder for the Croatian Government. Scientific and professional interests include research and development of systems from the domain of information security. Presented research at numerous domestic and international expert conventions on information security and programming. In free time, a CTF player. At this hands-on-workshop, users will have the possibility to work on 40 test cases simulating different SQLi scenarios. They will be able to test and learn a wide spectrum of sqlmap capabilities, while the author will cover the majority of cases in a live demo presentation. Unrestricted access to online labs will be provided during the duration of the whole event.


International Centre Goa

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