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Rohan Kumar Birtia

Staff Security Engineer

Getting Started into container & k8s security

This will be a beginner training session. Learning Kubernetes security is crucial due to several reasons. Firstly, when deploying applications on Kubernetes, they become exposed to the internet through various endpoints, which increases the attack surface. It's important to understand and implement security measures to protect these exposed endpoints from potential attacks. Bug bounties often focus on finding vulnerabilities and security issues in applications and systems, including those running on Kubernetes. By learning Kubernetes security, you can better understand the potential attack vectors and vulnerabilities that can be targeted, helping you to identify and address security flaws proactively. Insecure defaults are another reason why learning Kubernetes security is important. Kubernetes has a default configuration that may not provide optimal security. It's crucial to be aware of these insecure defaults and apply appropriate security controls to harden the Kubernetes environment and protect sensitive data. In an enterprise infrastructure, securing containers and Kubernetes is of paramount importance. Containers are used to deploy various applications, including critical and sensitive workloads. Applying security controls, such as access controls, network policies, and container isolation, helps protect the enterprise infrastructure from unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats. Overall, learning Kubernetes security allows you to understand and implement best practices for securing containerized applications, protecting exposed endpoints, addressing vulnerabilities, and ensuring the overall security and integrity of your infrastructure.


International Centre Goa

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